How did I choose my career? I explored 16 alternatives

“Your devotion to passion will ultimately light up the way.”

1. Fashion design.

2. Astrophysics

3. Transportation design

4. Flight attendant

5. Pianist

6. F1 driver

7. Architecture

A photo of Tadao Ando (second from the left) at a speech in 2013.

8. Industrial design

9. Mechanical engineering

10. Graphic design

11. Photography

A paranamic photo of Xujiahui in Shanghai

12. Furniture design

13. Curation

Signature from Kenya Hara (top) and Zhu’E

14. Translation

15. Service design

I was presenting a service design project to stakeholders.

16. Academia

I went to interaction design.

A photo from my second year in graduate school when the team was creating a paper prototype for a restaurant reservation service.



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